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Adding Magic to childcare

Our vision

Every child deserves to have a safe, healthy, calm and joyful environment to explore their curiosity and grow when they are away from home. Equally important is an environment where a child feels loved, encouraged and supported; a place where they can engage in productive work to enhance their development. Ms. Poppins will aim for every child to discover all their talents and passions and provide the guidance to become a happy, resilient and functional person.

Our mission

Ms. Poppins Daycare will provide an activity based educational environment where children are encouraged to be independent thinkers through creative projects. We will always strive to recognize each child’s individuality and create unique plans to enhance their development.

The child’s world at Ms. Poppins Daycare will consist of predictable routines, clear rules and an abundance of descriptive praise that focuses on a child doing the right thing. These are tailored to inspire the child to think of him/herself as a considerate and capable person. We will assist children to progress at their own pace and gradually discover their potential, while helping them to help themselves, thus fostering their growth towards independence and social responsibility.

We will help to create within your child a self-reliant human being, by using techniques from Montessori based curriculum and training taught by Noël Janis Norton, creator and teacher of “The Calmer, Easier and Happier Parenting Strategies”. This style and technique has worked successfully for me during my 25 years of working with many families as a child care provider. Our philosophy is that we should never do anything for our children that they can already do for themselves.

Activity based learning is directed towards building a child’s vocabulary to understand the differences between their various feelings. We will encourage the children to use their words to describe how they feel, laying the groundwork for effective communication and setting their own healthy boundaries. Our learning environment is focused on the caregiver’s awareness and acknowledgement when a child displays positive attention seeking behaviors, rather than the negative ones.

Our learning structure will be focused on creativity inspired by the arts, music, science, nature and world culture.